Our Terms

1. Our valeting service means that we clean a vehicle exterior, interior or both, it is by no means to make a old vehicle look brand new or to make old or worn panels, parts look new again.

2. Please note that there will be an additional charge for heavily soiled vehicles, This will be advised to the customer before we start any valeting service and in such case we charge per hour after the allocated times listed within our services section.

3. We will carry out a general vehicle inspection prior to commencement of work, This will be to check the vehicle’s body for dents, scratches & rust if any, We may also check the vehicle’s interior for general wear & tear, stains if any, As not all damaged or worn parts are visible due to dirt / fallout or other contaminants covering painted / interior parts prior to cleaning / washing we will not be held responsible for any unseen damage / worn parts after any Valeting service we undertake. We do not need to turn vehicle ignitions on so will not be held responsible for any error / warning / service / engine management lights been on before / after any Valeting service undertaken.

4. Please note that we can only valet so many vehicles in any one day depending on daylight hours so if booking multiple vehicles this may have to be done over a number of days.

5. Although we may be undertaking valeting services to a vehicle, We will not be held responsible for any damaged caused by any third parties or if a vehicle is stolen.

6. We do not undertake any mechanical checks on a vehicle prior and or after any valeting work undertaken by Hitchin Valeting, We will not be held responsible for any worn mechanical and or damaged components known and or not known by the vehicle owner/customer before or after complementation of any valeting work undertaken by Hitchin Valeting.

7. We will not be held responsible for any loss of personal items left in a vehicle while we undertake any of our valeting services, We strongly recommend that any valuables are removed prior to our arrival.

8. We will not be held responsible for any paint marked paint that occurs whilst cleaning your vehicle. This normally happens when a vehicle has been re-sprayed whether you know it or not, This sometimes occurs when the body shop/car repairer has not followed correct procedures for preparing the cars body/plastics.

9. We will not be held responsible for any water damage caused due to leaking windscreens or other body glass, Worn boot, door or tailgate seals, convertible hoods or sunroofs during the washing/rinsing application.

10. When valeting any vehicle’s interior controls, dashboard, doorcards & stereo we only use a slightly damp synthetic leather cloth, this method by no means will cause any damage wotsoever to any of a vehicle’s interior electrical systems. We only use a pressure washer to rinse not to clean and as such use a low setting that does not cause any damage on correctly painted areas.

11. Mold within a vehicle’s interior generally happens when a vehicle gets extremely damp for long periods of time, This could be due to windows been left open, leaking door and or boot seals, leaking sunroof and or windscreens, parked over water for a period of time, If the issue is not rectified the mold will come back, We will not be held responsible if we valet a vehicle with mold that comes back after time if the original source of the mold has not been rectified prior or soon after any valeting work undertaken.

12. Spillages in a vehicle can sometimes go into area’s that are not accessible without dismantling and or removing components like seats, panels, trims and mouldings, When we clean and or use a extraction machine to clean and suck up cleaning fluid and or spillages, We can only get to area’s where the extraction fishtail head allows so some of the fluid and or spillage may still be present, We do not dismantle and or remove any components like carpets, seats, panels, trims and mouldings so can not guarantee to be able to remove all spillages or any smells, It is up to the vehicle owner to do this if they choose to do so prior to our arrival, Also be aware that damp, cold or freezing weather conditions can hamper drying, As we offer a mobile service and undertake valeting work in the elements the weather is out of our control therefore we will not be held responsible if areas do not dry that may give a damp or musky smell.

13. If any agreed damaged is caused to a vehicle by Hitchin Valeting we will repair the vehicle ourselves and or we will arrange for a third party to undertake any repair work, If we and or a arranged third party by Hitchin Valeting offer is declined by the customer we will not be held responsible for any repair costs from any third parties arranged by the customer and or loss of earnings and or replacement vehicle hire and or any other transportation costs wotsoever.

14. Soft tops (fabric hoods), We will not be held responsible for leaking soft tops during the cleaning process weather the customer knows about it or not to any interior or components as we have no way of telling before hand.

15. We will not be held responsible for any paint damage when removing tar and or other contaminates if a customer has had a recent paint repair and or re-spray where the paint has not fully cured weather the customer knows about any paint repair and or re-spray or not.

16. We will never work on a vehicle in a dangerous position, If we feel the vehicle is in a dangerous/obstructive position we will ask the customer to move the vehicle to a more appropriate position. If the customer refuses then we will refuse to work on the vehicle, This is to protect us from injury and to conform with health & safety procedures.

17. We reserve the right to refuse any of our valeting services anytime, this could be due to staff illness, vehicle condition, large amount of personal belongings left in vehicle, large amount of rubbish left in vehicle, vehicle position, vehicle accessibility, poor weather, customer related issues at no cost or loss of funds wotsoever to Hitchin Valeting as a business or our staff.

18. If Hitchin Valeting is unable to undertake any valeting work due to weather, staff illness or van / equipment failure we will offer to re-arrange the booking, If the booking is cancelled by the customer 24hrs before the original booking time / date we will offer to re-arrange, if the customer is not in on the original booking time / date we do not offer a re-fund for any reason wotsoever.

19. By contacting Hitchin Valeting by phone, email or text message to ask us to undertake any valeting service that we offer. You are entering into a legal binding contract / verbal agreement, Please note that if we get any due payments that do not clear and or are unpaid after completion of any valeting service by us via (cash, cheques, bank transfers) We will try once to contact the customer via phone, text message or email to collect the original invoice cost plus any occurred charges, If we do not get monies due and or owed after giving a 14 day notice by email we will use the services of the small claims court where further costs will apply.

20. Prices show on our website are correct as of last update, The price change may not show on all or any outside advertising we have with any third parties as our valeting services offered may change without notice at any given time.

By contacting Hitchin Valeting directly, by any third party websites, Word of mouth or through this website to undertake any of our valeting services, You (the customer) are bound to the above terms, The above terms may change without notice at any given time.