Help & Advice

Some of our valeting equipment is noisy so we may not of noticed your call. Please be assured we will ring back any missed calls plus we check our emails throughout the day.

In such cases please let us make the decision. If we don’t make contact it will mean we are on our way.

We expect vehicles to be pretty dirty but extremely bad vehicles or vehicles with issues take longer to do, no way around it. Vehicles that fall into one or more of the below categories do and will require extra time to undertake any of our offered valeting services -

  • - Pet hair or Full of pet hairs.
  • - Full of dried or and wet mud.
  • - Heavily stained seats, carpets & floor matts.
  • - Large or Many spillages on fabric or other interior areas.
  • - Smokers vehicle, Ash everywhere.
  • - Full of general rubbish, bits, hay, straw, dried grass & Sand.
  • - Plaster or Heavy dust layer (cover).
  • - Left standing ‘Mouldy interior / Green mould' on bodywork and trims.
  • - Vehicles with oil / grease within interior or cab areas.

We can not say 'How Long' as every vehicle is different and until completed it's just difficult to gauge -

Extra Costs Time Frame

After the allocated times / from price listed in the 'Services' page.

  • - 15 mins extra - £5
  • - 30 mins extra - £10
  • - 45 mins extra - £15
  • - 1 hour extra - £20

and so on...

If a vehicle looks like below images within the interior - carpet, seats & boot area etc or extremely muddy, mouldy, heavily contaminated on the exterior extra costs will apply


Dirty Car 
Interior 1

Pet Hair

Dirty Car 
Interior 2

Dirty Car 
Interior 3

Dirty Car 
Interior 4

Dirty Car 
Interior 5

Dirty Car 
Interior 6

Dirty Car 
Interior 7

Depending on weather conditions it can take a few hours for carpet areas and fabric seats to fully dry. In cooler / near freezing weather conditions, please allow up to 48 hrs.

Every vehicle is generally different to start in terms of condition, Our from prices and allocated time frames are based on vehicles that are generally dirty NOT vehicles that are in poor condition 'Extremely soiled, Pet hairs, Smoked in, Mouldy etc', as these types of vehicles take even longer to do.

At the end of the day it comes down to time and after taking our yearly running costs into account and the time we spend valeting not including traveling time, sorting van out for next day, doing paperwork, replying to emails and so on we are on or just under minimum wage.

Running Costs insight

  • Cost of van & Replacements
  • Van Maintenance & Repairs
  • Van M.O.T
  • Road fund licence
  • Van fuel
  • Van signage
  • Van racking
  • Insurances
  • Equipment outlay & Maintenance
  • Equipment replacement
  • Vacuum bags & Filters
  • Generator fuel & Oil
  • Valeting products
  • Invoice pads & Business cards
  • Phone Bill
  • Advertising
  • Website hosting & Maintenance
  • Bank Charges
  • Card Reader
  • Sundries
  • NI & Tax
  • Uniform

To name only a few before we even make a profit.

Still Unsure?

Most people use a window cleaner, On average in the herts and beds area's they charge around £10 to clean windows on a 3 bed house and take around 10 - 15 minutes, lets say they do 4 - 5 houses an hour in the same street, Thats around £40 - £50 per hour using less equipment and products than a mobile car valeter.

But I Can Get My Car Done At The Local Hand Car Wash Cheaper?

I know the people in these types of establishments work hard and most do a good job but it's a completely different level of service plus we come to you.