Mini Valeting Service

View below for price and list of work undertaken during the mini valeting process covering hitchin, letchworth & stevenage.

view notes and from prices information.

Mini Valet

From £30.00

-- Exterior --

  • Handwash bodywork & glass.
  • Apply wheel cleaner.
  • Rinse and dry body, glass.
  • Clean exterior glass.
  • Apply tyre dressing.
-- Interior --

  • Remove rubbish.
  • Vacuum carpet, floor mats, seats, boot.
  • Clean dash, center console, steering wheel.
  • Clean interior glass and instrument binnacle.
  • Sanitise steering wheel, gear stick & hand-brake.
1 – 1½ Hours

From Price / Notes

(If we can undertake the mini valeting service within the allocated time the price is as listed above. If the valeting service takes longer due to one or more of the following below conditions this is where the ‘From Price’ comes in to effect and extra costs will apply due to additional time needed to complete).

  • - Extremely soiled vehicles.
  • - Dried or wet mud all over interior.
  • - Full of pet hair, Cigarette ash or Mould.
  • - Sitting for a number of months / years.

# We can not predict how long it will take until completion as every vehicle is different.

View examples in our 'Help Section' under the title 'Heavily Soiled Vehicles, Do They Cost More?'.