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Selling A Vehicle

Is it worth getting a vehicle valeted prior to sale? If you look after your car or van and keep it really tidy then maybe not but if a person puts a untidy vehicle up for sale a picture can say a thousand words! It gives the impression that maybe the vehicle isn't looked after and that can put potential buyers off. Getting a untidy car or van valeted prior to sale will always add value even at the very least if it's the cost of the valet on top of the sale price and will also generally reach a wider audience as a tidy vehicle always looks more pleasing to the eye than an untidy one.

Alloy Wheels

To keep alloy wheels in good condition, It's a good idea to wash them down now and again to stop heavy build up of brake dust that can damage paint if left too long to bake on with the heat generated from the vehicles braking system.

Bird Droppings

If you notice bird droppings on your paint work, It's a good idea to remove asap to prevent damage to the top clear coat / paint, This can be done by wetting the area to soften the droppings and then gently remove by grabbing (do not scrub) using soft tissue.

Prevent Spillages

If your going to carry paint or milk as an example buy a strong container (with lid) that can be placed in the boot to place items in, If you do happen to brake hard this will help to try and contain any spillages.

Hay, Straw

If you need to carry items such as hay or straw as an example why not place a plastic cover down to protect the vehicles carpet. hay or straw will embed itself into the fibres and can take absolute age to remove.

Pet Hair

It's not really possible to contain pet hairs to an area (boot), as when you open the tailgate as an example with a light breeze pet hair will blow towards the front and start to build up on carpets and seats, It's better to give your vehicle a light vacuum now and again otherwise it can take an age to remove them.