Frequently Asked Questions


Please contact us by phone, text message or email to arrange and confirm a booking in advance. Please also let us know the overall condition of your vehicle prior to booking.


Customers can pay on the day via Cash, Card (Visa, Mastercard), Apple & Google Pay, Bank transfer or Paypal after completion of valeting service undertaken.

-- Notes --


  • - Only confirmed bookings go in our dairy, if we give a customer potential booking dates / times and it takes a few hours and or days before getting back to us, given dates / times could have already been taken as we take other enquiries / bookings during the day.

  • Locations

  • - Other than on the roadside and customer driveways We DO NOT work in ‘Pay & Display’ type parking locations or in 'Underground' parking areas, We can work in controlled zones if we have a permit to do so.

  • Vehicle Condition

  • - Every vehicle is generally different in regards to condition, some take longer than others to do and this is why our prices are 'From' and not 'For' unless we can complete a valeting service within the allocated time otherwise extra cost will apply depending on time spent.

View examples in our 'Help Section' under the title 'Heavily Soiled Vehicles, Do They Cost More?'.

If on your booking date / time the weather is poor (raining, snowing, below 3c with vehicle completely frozen) weather conditions. We will more than likely need to re-book another date / time or do later in the day if weather / daylight hours allow. In such cases we contact you beforehand.

-- Notes --

Our Equipment

  • - We use electrical equipment that is not water tight and as such we can not use in wet weather conditions.

  • Valeting Products

  • - Most valeting products need to dry to work correctly (Polish, Window cleaner etc) as a result we can not undertake valeting services in wet weather conditions.

  • Customers Vehicles

  • - Rain water will watermark edge of seats (if fabric), could damage doorcards and electrical switches.

  • Freezing Weather

  • - Near or below freezing weather conditions can freeze our equipment and some of the valeting products.

We don't start a valeting service in the dark although we do sometimes finish as it starts to get dark if we are near completion, in the event we are unable to finish due to delays / daylight hours we would arrange with the customer to complete any unfinished work at the very next opportunity.

We need to be parked next too / behind or in front of and have enough room to work around a vehicle (open doors) during the valeting process. Please remove any personal belongings if your vehicle is undergoing any interior valeting, this includes any child safety seats.

-- Notes --

Vehicle Location

  • - If we get to a vehicle that does not allow enough room for us to work we will ask the customer to move it to a safe location.

  • Personal Belongings

  • - If we get to a vehicle that is full of personal belongings it can take longer to valet, as a result extra cost may apply.

  • Vehicle Condition

  • - If we get to a vehicle where the customer has NOT pre-warned us about 'Poor' or 'Bad' condition we reserve the right to start the valeting service due to our daily work load.

We only use the Autoglym professional range, Plus other valeting related products like sponges, brushes, drying leathers and so on are via autoglym.


We supply water and electric so no need to use other amenities unless you would prefer us too.

-- Notes --

Our Equipment

  • - Some of our valeting equipment can be a little noisy, please pre-warn any Neighbors that may have an issue or concerns as we will not tolerate any type of verbal or physical abuse.

If for any reason a customer needs to re-arrange a booking, please ring, send a text or email us prior to your booking date / time giving us as much notice as you can.

-- Notes --

Customer Not Available

  • - We will try to re-book the valeting service once only with the customer if not available at the date / time of booking.

  • - If we turn up to do a valeting service and the customer is not in we will go on to our next job, this does not always mean we will have enough time to return same day due to miles driven between jobs.

Our website allows potential and or existing customers to find important information regarding the valeting services that we offer and the terms and conditions that we offer them, it is up to the potential or existing customers to look up the information offered within prior to making any contact and or booking a valeting service with us and NOT for Hitchin Valeting to tell every potential or existing customer our 'Terms' and or 'Conditions' prior to making a booking or using any of our valeting services offered if the information is found on our site and or any other websites found online.

For more information, View - Help | Services | Terms sections of our site.

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